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In Braces September 7, 2017

Patients of all ages who need braces will have unique conditions to their smile, such as differing malocclusions, jaw issues, and teeth alignment variations. The signs are clear to (insert company name here), who can help examine and make a determination on proper orthodontic treatment. Without seeing the doctor, however, potential patients should be aware of the conditions that point to a need for braces. Our practice offers orthodontic solutions for all kinds of issues, and for all ages in San Jose. 

Teeth Misalignment

Teeth misalignment is a common reason for individuals to receive braces. Teeth may be jammed together too tight, have uneven spacing or may even be in the wrong place. Receiving braces can not only correct the cosmetic appearance of the teeth, but it can also improve oral health. A uniform smile with the right amount of teeth spacing will allow for thorough cleaning and oral health maintenance. For lifelong oral health, braces will put teeth in the right place and aid in keeping the smile beautiful. 

Jaw Movement and Bite

Having a healthy bite means the teeth come together in a way that does not damage the smile. Individuals with a bite problem, a malocclusion, can damage other teeth over time. These problems are more commonly known as crossbite, overbite, and underbite. One can see how the jaw comes together by looking in a mirror and examining the smile from the front, and side to side.  If our jaws do not bite properly, teeth get worn down and it’s possible to even have problems with the jaw muscles. Braces and palatal expanders are effective at treating the jaw, but it’s possible that oral surgery may be necessary. 

When Children Need Braces

At age seven, children should have their jaw examined for any teeth or jaw alignment issues. It is at this time their jaw is growing into an adult smile and is more responsive to orthodontic alignment. At this time our orthodontist may recommend Phase I treatment, and it is also possible the smile may not need more than one round of braces. It is much better for oral health if orthodontic alignment is begun earlier in a child’s dental development; otherwise, they may face issues as teens and even further into their future. 

Braces for Adults

Many adults have a range of alignment issues that can still be solved with care. Although it is understandable adults may be hesitant because the idea of metal braces is unappealing, Dr. Phan offers braces that are more cosmetically appealing, from clear ceramic braces to Invisalign®. Her expertise makes the treatment process much gentler on the smile. 

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