Palatal expander and dentofacial orthopedics



Dr. Nancy Phan uses palatal expander, along with other dental-facial orthopedic appliances, to treat growing children who have unfavorable facial growth.  She uses a palatal expander to treat cases with severe dental crowding and small maxilla jaw.   Through expansion of the palatal sutures, spaces are created to resolve dental crowding, broaden smile arch, correct a skeletal constriction, and minimize risks of teeth impaction in growing children.  A palatal expander and other functional appliances such as a reverse-pulled headgear, Herbst appliance, headgear, or fixed bite corrector to create dental-facial orthodontic movements.  Depending on the patient's skeletal and facial discrepancy, Dr. Phan will come up with treatment recommendation to correct non-ideal facial growth and improve your child's face.