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Ceramic Braces by San Jose Orthodontist Nancy Phan, DDS, MS

There are many ways to align your smile without using traditional metal braces. For patients who want a straighter smile without the look of metal brackets and wires, ceramic braces is an effective alternative. At Care Orthodontics, San Jose orthodontist Dr. Nancy Phan recommends these tooth-colored braces for patients who want to achieve a straighter smile discreetly. Her experience with orthodontics makes her a clear braces expert in San Jose.

Why Should I Consider Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces work just like normal braces, except the brackets used are made from teeth-colored ceramic. Designed to match the natural look and sheen of teeth, the brackets and wire blend in with your teeth. As ceramic brackets are metal-free, these tooth-colored orthodontics have a lower profile, decreasing the bulk that typically accompanies traditional braces.

The more natural look doesn’t mean a sacrifice in treatment effectiveness or strength. The ceramic used to create the brackets is the same strong material used to restore damaged teeth. Ceramic brackets provide patients with a resilient yet natural-looking treatment option.

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Where malocclusion, or bite problems, affect the smile, braces are designed to fix the way teeth align to avoid future dental problems. Since this process can take over a year, many individuals prefer the more aesthetic approach of ceramic braces instead of the bulk and distraction of metal braces. Professionals or individuals uncomfortable with traditional braces may find great value in this option, as it allows for a more appealing look, but still ensures successful treatment. Many patients find that smooth ceramic brackets are more comfortable than metal brackets, and their strength makes them nearly as resilient as metal braces.

Are Ceramic Braces Right for Me?

As ceramic braces use the same treatment process as traditional braces, this option can be applied to almost any smile. With this in mind, ceramic braces can be tailored to patients of all ages, including children. During your complimentary braces consultation, our orthodontist will conduct a full examination of your smile and help you determine if ceramic braces will help you achieve your smile goals.

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Dr. Phan is passionate about orthodontic care and offers unique sales and financing options to help make treatment affordable for patients. Contact us for ceramic braces in San Jose and Los Gatos areas, or schedule your complimentary exam online.


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