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Phase I Braces in San Jose by Care Orthodontics

Nancy Phan, DDS, MS, believes that investing in your child’s smile early on will prevent more complex treatments in the future. As a Board-Certified orthodontist, Dr. Phan is an experienced dentist committed to treating patients with compassion and personalized solutions. For children throughout the greater San Jose and Los Gatos communities, Care Orthodontics offers Phase I treatments that protect the long-term health of developing smiles.

Why Proactive Orthodontics Matters

By the time a child reaches age seven, dental development is almost complete - most primary teeth have been replaced by permanent adult teeth and the jaw bone has almost fully developed. However, around this age malocclusion (bite alignment) issues begin to impact the smile. After age 10, the jaw becomes more rigid and becomes increasingly difficult to address issues with the jaw bone itself. 

Without early intervention with braces, patients with these alignment issues face more serious dental issues in the future, ranging from increased risk of gum disease and cavities to secondary health problems such as sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorders. Ultimately, these conditions require more advanced treatments such as oral surgery or longer than normal braces treatment time. 

Phase I braces treats early-onset orthodontic problems such as malocclusion, unequal jaw size, improper teeth alignment, or asymmetry in the smile.

How Phase I Braces can benefit your child

Successful orthodontics is dependent on receiving the right treatment, at the right time. It’s possible to avoid certain oral health problems by implementing Phase I braces, making a child’s transition to an adult smile much easier. This is a preventive treatment that solves early-onset orthodontic issues. Here are some of the benefits of Phase I treatment:

  • Encourage symmetrical jaw growth
  • Fix bite problems
  • Align twisted teeth
  • Place teeth in proper order

Does my Child need Phase I Braces?

At Care Orthodontics in San Jose, we believe in prescribing treatments that are necessary for the smile to be healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. Typically, Dr. Phan recommends Phase I braces if your child truly needs the orthodontic correction for moderate and severe orthodontic issues, such as cross bite and partially erupted teeth. As time is a key factor in effective treatment, we encourage parents to bring their children in for orthodontics evaluation around the age of seven. 

Learn More about Phase I Treatment Today!

Our team is dedicated to providing all patients with lasting, healthy smiles. Care Orthodontics offers complimentary examinations for children who may need Phase I treatments as well as discounts on Phase II treatment for existing patients. Call our San Jose orthodontics practice today to learn more about Phase I orthodontics in San Jose or schedule your complimentary exam online.


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