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Welcome to our Patient Smile Gallery. 

Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations created by

Dr. Nancy Phan through Braces and Invisalign.

Correction of Buck Teeth

Patient was made fun by his classmates for his buck teeth.  He worn braces for 2 years and got his bite fully corrected. 

In his own words: "Getting braces was probably the best thing that I ever got!   I am glad I went through this treatment at Care Orthodontics."



Correction of Crowding

Patient did not like his crooked fan tooth and other crowded teeth and worn braces.  His comments at the completion of treatment: "It was well worth it! I love my nice, straight teeth!"



Two phases treatment for teeth eruption:

This patient had 2 phases treatment.  Phase I was to create spaces.  Phase II was to correct the final position of permanent teeth.



Correction of Deep Bite:

This patient hated to see herself in the mirror.   She often covered her mouth while interacting with others.  After going through braces, her new smile gave her a jolt of self-confidence and a jumpstart in self-image, just right before high school graduation!   She now smile more to the world and be more friendly to others.

Without a deep bite, she no longer bites on her gum and gets gum swelling and tissue cuts. 



Correction of Displaced Teeth & Gums:

Patient had two-phases treatment.  Phase I was to create spaces and to stop destruction of gingival stripping.   Phase II was final alignment of her bite and teeth.   Patient also had gum grafting to restore the stripped gum tissue.



Correction of collapsed molars:

Patient did not like that her teeth were crooked.  Her molars were collapsed inward and it was hard to eat properly.  She chose braces to straighten her smile and to obtain better bite.



Correction of Thumb-sucking habits:

Patient received Phase I treatment to correct his front teeth.   He was at a high risk for chipping his front teeth from dental trauma, due to excessive bucking of two front teeth.  His main concerns were: "I don't want my friends to call me 'Beaver teeth' anymore!"



Correction of Open Bite:

Patient had congenital missing permanent back molars and a tongue habit that caused her bite to open in the front.  Patient had braces to correct her bite and dental functional appliance to stop her oral habit.



Correction of Small Teeth (Peg laterals):

This patient had small lateral incisors and generalized spacing.   He had an option of braces or Invisalign to correct his bite.  Patient chose braces to close the spaces. Afterward he also had cosmetic bonding to restore the size and shape of his small incisors.  Patient was thrilled with his smile makeovers. 

In his own words: "Thank you for everything!  Now I smile like I never before!"



Correction of Under Bite:

Patient did not like her under-bite.   She thought she had too many teeth.  After comprehensive orthodontic treatment with braces, her smile was fully restored.   

In her last month of treatment, she counted down to the days her braces came off. 

In her own words: "Everyone here is very professional and friendly! Dr. Phan, you did a good job!"



Invisalign Case I (bucked front teeth):  

This is a sophisticated and busy adult who traveled frequently out of town. Patient chose Invisalign due to convenient of clear removable appliance. 

She also wanted to lengthen her two front teeth and make them a little smaller. She also wanted to reduce her front bucked teeth.

Patient was very happy with end results. Treatment completed in 10 months.

                      Before                                                  After



 Invisalign Video for this case



Invisalign Case II (narrow upper jaw, cross-bites):

Patient wanted to close the front gap without resorting to wearing metal braces.  He chose Invisalign because the aligners are nearly visible, easy to clean and still can fix his smile.  Due to job relocation, he moved to the East Coast in the middle of treatment.  Yet he was able to fly in twice a year and finish treatment at our office.

                        Before                                                  After




Invisalign video



Invisalign Case III (severe crooked teeth):

This patient chose Invisalign because he wanted a removable appliance to pause treatment at will. Patient has a busy social life.  

His goals were to correct the crowding and overlapping teeth.  Made of transparent acrylic materials, Invisalign are comfortable.  They don't irritate the oral tissues and cause mouth sore.

Patient was very happy with results.  This treatment gave him a confident smile and improvement in his self-image. 

                        Before                                                                         After



Invisalign Video



Invisalign Case IV (skeletal under-bite, treated without jaw surgery):

This patient was told by her family dentist to get braces to stop further damage from excessive wear on her front teeth.  She did not like to wear braces and chose Invisalign. 

She was very satisfied with final results.  Not only her smile improved, she was no longer grinding down her front teeth due to a bad bite.  




Invisalign Video


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